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Signs You Need to Visit a Timing Belt Service Shop Near You

Signs You Need to Visit a Timing Belt Service Shop Near You

Your timing belt plays a very important role in synchronizing the crankshaft and camshaft of your engine as they rotate, which then allows the valve to close and open in perfect timing. While sturdy, the constant exposure to high heat will cause them to fail over time and will require a visit to a timing belt service shop near you to get it replaced. It is important to know the signs of a failing timing belt as over time, this could cause serious engine problems that may be too expensive to fix. While this can be difficult to tell, especially since the timing belt is located within a sealed container, there are tell-tale signs which should let you know it is time to take your car to your trusted mechanic for some much-needed repairs. Squeaking or squealing sounds When your car makes weird noises— something it never used to do before, then there is a possibility that your timing belt may be in trouble. You will usually hear these sounds when braking, decelerating, and accelerat ... read more


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