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5 Signs That You Need A Car Service Near You Soon

5 Signs That You Need A Car Service Near You Soon

Before you're walking to the car dealership with a debit card in hand, ready to drop some pocket change on a car that's nothing but trouble, it might be worth checking your car first.   Our auto repair mechanics at Eagle Automotive share 5 tell-tale signs to look out for when it's time for a car service. If you notice any of these five car service issues, it may be time for you to head out and get serviced sooner rather than later. 1. Your car is overheating. This one should go without saying. If your car is overheating before it gets hot outside, then there are probably more problems at play under the hood. There are plenty of things that can lead your car to work harder and end up overheating, like not getting oil changes on time or failing emission checks. However, this particular issue is typically caused when your car's cooling system gets clogged up. This can be because of an improperly installed radiator ... read more


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