Littleton Auto Repair - Used Vehicle Inspection
“The service was top notch as always. We are always treated honestly and that’s why we service the whole family at Eagle.”★★★★★
Lee & Lisa W.


Find & Resolve Issues Before they Become Major

Here at Eagle Automotive we want to make sure you know exactly what condition a vehicle is in prior to purchasing it. A used vehicle inspection is a comprehensive search for any and all potential areas that can cause a problem, both structural and safety issues. This includes a thorough evaluation of all components both large and small, prior history, and examination of any accidental damage.

Be sure to receive a used vehicle inspection at your nearest Eagle Automotive Location. These vehicles can look pristine and perfect on the surface but it can be a completely different story under the hood. Even then, careful examination is required to find those hidden problems that often cause the most damage. An experienced and trusted Eagle Automotive mechanic can quickly spot anything problematic that should be brought to your attention. You can potentially save thousands of dollars and countless hours of headaches by avoiding vehicles with problems already built in.

At Eagle Automotive, these potential problems can be avoided by getting your used vehicle inspection with one of our expert mechanics. With multiple locations, great warranty, wide hours, and expert service, Eagle Automotive is the best place to get your inspection done right.

Benefits of Eagle Auto Service:

  • Our ASE Certified Technicians Know Your Car
  • We Perform Fast, Accurate Inspections on Any Vehicle
  • Factory Quality Service
  • Honest & Professional Repair
  • 4 Year/48,000 mile warranty