“Always pleasant and eager to please! My vehicle was finished on time and as promised. We’ll be back!””★★★★★
Cindy H.
My guys at Eagle Automotive take such great care of our family cars! My husband was laid off over a year ago, and all during that time, the guys at Eagle always gave me the recommended maintenance on the car–and then told me the urgent things that needed to be done in light of our budget situation. My husband just got a new job, and we were able to go in and have all those not-so-urgent things done to get our Denali back to good as new. We appreciate them so much–honesty, integrity, and a thorough job well done. Thank you, Eagle!”★★★★★
Richard & Juleya
“Once again I had a totally great experience at Eagle Automotive. The employees are honest & friendly & the customer service is superb! I had taken my car in for a free winter inspection & boy were they thorough. They even provided new wiper blades in the process.As for being a returning customer – I’m in!””★★★★★
Connie K.
“I wanted to leave my Nissan dealership and find a good garage to take care of my vehicle. I chose Eagle Automotive because I received a flyer and it was near my home. I worked with Bob, he was awesome – very personable and worked hard to deliver what was requested. The mechanic found things that Nissan did not and he didn’t seem to break more for me to fix, “Bonus” to be sure. I really enjoyed my experience and will continue to take my truck there as well as refer my family and friends! Cheers to a safe and well taken care of vehicle! “★★★★★
Daphne Young
“I took my car in for an oil change & tire rotation. I was seen promptly & the work was done in appropriate time. I was treated in a very friendly manner & professionally. Danny was great to work with & answered my many questions. I have been going here for some time now & know they are honest & do great work!”★★★★★
Carol T.
“As always, this is a business to be trusted. Work was done in a timely fashion and they helped me with my transportation to and from the facility. Brian is personable and good at explaining what the priorities are. My thanks to all of them at Eagle.”★★★★★
Riggs S.
“Always trust worthy and work hard to make sure your experience is a good one. They will continue to get my business.”★★★★★
“Not in a millions years did I think I could go in on a Friday night, have the problem solved, parts ordered and be out of there with a fixed car in 45 minutes!!!! No one could ever find service better then that anywhere!!!Brian was incredibly wonderful… As always… Along with every single guy that worked there!! I’m not sure that I have ever experienced such superb service in my entire life! These guys are the true definition of what customer service is….and that is so rare!!!Thank you so very much….I certainly plan on spreading the word!!! :-)”★★★★★
Amanda Z.
“I did some research online to find a new mechanic near my house to do an oil change, 60k mile check and I had a funny sound I couldn’t place. Eagle Automotive had the best reviews so I sent an email to ask a few questions. They replied right away and I scheduled an appointment online. I took my car in before I went to work and they asked if I needed a ride. A few hours later they called me and told me in detail what the issues were that needed to be fixed and that were suggested to be fixed. There was a bit of work to be done and I thought the price would be much more and they would have my car for a while. I was wrong! The price was lower and I was able to pick my car up the next day after work. When I picked up my car near closing time they were all very nice and talked to me about everything in person again. They didn’t even rush me. I drove away confident in their work and content as my car was running and sounding perfect. Thanks guys!”★★★★★
Amanda Z.
“Dropped auto off about 8:30 am and was asked what time I needed back. Advised would like around 10:30 am. At 10:20 I got a call auto finished and they would send someone to pickme up which they did and back in my auto and heading home at 10:35 am. How is that for EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!! Love it!!!!”★★★★★
“Thank you for your helpful and courteous service.”★★★★★
Kathy & Steve M.
“Vicki was very pleased with your service. Thank you so much.”★★★★★
Vicki C.
“Always great friendly quality service!”★★★★★
“Estimates for work are always spot-on, work is timely and of high quality. I have been taking my vehicles to Eagle for amost 10 yrs now.”★★★★★
Fred & Shannon S.
“A friend of mine has used Eagle Automotive Service and Repair for years. They have been an automotive resource for her whether she is in Colorado or on the road across the country, she has been able to call them up and get the information she needed. When I purchased a used vehicle with very high milage, I wanted a mechanic I could trust. Someone who is honest, fair and would not take advantage of me, and I have found that with Eagle. They gave my Jeep a thorough going over and gave me an honest list (a small list I might add) of a few things I need to consider getting done. Eagle Automotive has given my friend years of outstanding service and I am looking forward to having the same from them. They are who I will reccomend to friends and family for their automotive needs!”★★★★★
Melindah H.
“Excellent service! Trustworthy and professional.”★★★★★
“Excellent service”★★★★★
Chris J.
“Everything was great as always!”★★★★★
Lori & Dirk C.
“As always, the guys at Eagle take care of my family’s cars. I had noticed the engine light was on months ago, and they checked the code regularly, and when it was time, recommended it to be fixed. I set an appointment, they gave me a loaner car, and it was fixed at the time, and at the price they quoted. I would never go anywhere else–and I’m a picky, conservative gal. These guys will never do your car wrong.”★★★★★
Richard & Juleya
They are friendly, work in a timely manner, are honest, not pushy, and only recommend work that truly needs to be done.”★★★★★
Katie P.
Quality work as always!”★★★★★
Tara A.
Requested work was completed as specified with the attention to detail I’ve grown accustomed to. We let Eagle know we’d be taking a road trip with the vehicle and they made some extra checks knowing that. As always with an older vehicle, there are things to keep an eye on and Eagle made a to-do list of things to keep in mind. No pressure to get the extra work done at all. In fact, they prioritized the work for future planning if we want to get it done. Really easy to work with.”★★★★★
Mark & Kay B.
Excellent and professional service. Performed excatly what we requested and provided info for potential future services that may be required. There were no excessive recommendations; typically, experienced with the dealer (repair something that does not need it). I don’t care for the email spam reminders, but they will take you off when requested.”★★★★★
Tim & Jan C.
Great friendly service, treat everyone with respect!!!”★★★★★
Catherine M
Everything is done effectively, on time, and with integrity. You can be sure of a correct diagnosis, and confident that unnecessary work will not be done.”★★★★★
Bruce & Ann B
“My vehicle is a 2003 GMC Denali. We use it to pull our trailer, and we’re headed up to 10,000 ft next weekend. I took it in for an oil change, and Chris identified a couple of things that, had he not pointed them out, I would have run the risk of being stranded next weekend, spoiling our time. It’s a great feeling to have these guys taking care of us and our vehicles. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. AND–they’re affordable. Bonus!””★★★★★
Richard & Juleya