Littleton Auto Repair


“As always, this is a business to be trusted. Work was done in a timely fashion and they helped me with my transportation to and from the facility. Brian is personable and good at explaining what the priorities are. My thanks to all of them at Eagle.”★★★★★


Get Fast, Accurate Engine Answers

When it comes to engine diagnostics, Eagle Automotive is the place you can trust. All of our ASE Certified technicians have been trained to use cutting edge engine diagnostics equipment. We can efficiently and accurately diagnose any issues. After the diagnosis, you get valuable information on your engine and what’s next. Whether you need immediate repair work, or it turns out your engine is just fine; Eagle will never push work that’s not needed. If you engine is behaving unusually, or if you’re getting a warning concerning your engine from the vehicle; come to Eagle Auto and let our expert engine diagnostics tell you what’s wrong.

Benefits of Eagle Auto Service:

  • Our ASE Certified Technicians Quickly Diagnose Engine Problems
  • Post Diagnosis Consultation & Advice
  • Factory Quality Service
  • Honest & Professional Repair
  • 4 Year/48,000 Mile Warranty