“Everything is done effectively, on time, and with integrity. You can be sure of a correct diagnosis, and confident that unnecessary work will not be done.”★★★★★
Bruce & Ann B.


Clean, Fresh Air in Your Car

As you drive, your vehicle is subjected to air pollution from the outside world as well as from it’s own engine. Without a cabin air filter, you would be breathing that same air every time you used your heat or A/C. It’s recommended to have the filter checked regularly to ensure that it’s up to the job. At Eagle Automotive Service, we can examine, & if needed, replace the filter in your car quickly. A restricted air flow stresses out other components of your ventilation system. An easy, affordable cabin air filter replacement at Eagle Auto has immediate and long term benefits.

Benefits of Eagle Auto Service:

  • Our Filter Replacement Reduces Wear on Fan & Motor
  • Enjoy Fresh Air Now; Less Repair Costs Later
  • AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility
  • ASE Certified Technicians That Know Your Car
  • 4 Year/48,000 Mile Warranty on Parts and Labor